Lochwinnoch Community Development Company meets monthly to discuss issues around all forms of renewable energy- hydro, wind, PV panels, solar thermal, anaerobic digesters, wood fuel: and how these have a place (or not!) in the village. You may have seen solar PV panels sprouting up on roofs around here, taking advantage of the Feed In Tariffs available from the Government who are strongly pushing and promoting renewable energy installations on both the commercial and domestic scale. Over the next 10 years they are going to become very much part of life, and we are trying to find the best way forwards for the community.

LCDC are an informal, friendly and diverse group – and we don’t just talk, we go out surveying, looking, measuring – and at the moment we are working on local demand profiles for energy through the day and the year- and seeing how that renewables could match the resource.

In March 2013 the Group set up a Company Limited by Guarantee – Lochwinnoch Community Development Company (LCDC) (SC445206) which aims to develop local projects that create a Social, Economic and Environmental benefits to people living in Lochwinnoch.

Several local people are involved in the LCDC Group but we are always looking for more. If you are interested in renewables and your local environment you might be interested in this group.

LCDC members


Andrew Lewis

Andrew is a chartered marine engineer who also specialises in nuclear propulsion within the Defence Sector. Has been living in Lochwinnoch for 10 years and is keen to see the local environment enhanced through the harnessing of natural energy sources such as Bridgend Weir.

MArtin Still

Dr Martin Mansell

LCDC Board member. Martin is a chartered civil engineer who, until he retired in July 2012, was teaching Water Engineering at the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley and has lived in Lochwinnoch since 1992. He has had a long interest in water and renewable energy and was one of the founder members of the Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) in 2010 from which LCDC has developed.

Duncan Pic_Small

Duncan Adam

LCDC Board member. Duncan, a retired architect, has 40 years’ experience in the design and construction of a wide range of building types and sizes. Since 1992 he has specialised in project management, including project evaluation, design and design development, contract administration, settlement of claims, quality standards and inspections on both large and smaller projects. He has also been involved in the preparation of technical reports on contractual failures and liabilities, building failures and recommendations and supervision of remedial works. He has acted both as team leader and as part of a multi-disciplinary design team on projects. He was a Partner then Director of a major national architectural firm in the UK.



Are you excited by the possibilities of renewables? Do you have skills and knowledge in this area? Are you interested in the future of your village? Lochwinnoch Community Development Company needs more people to join the group. LCDC wants to hear from you and please get in get in contact